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Prerequisites for RWA Designation:

  • C100 (Principles of Land Acquisition)

  • C200 (Principles of Real Estate Negotiation) or

    • C201 (Communications in Real Estate Acquisition)

  • C213 (Conflict Management)

  • C102 (Elevating Your Ethical Awareness) or

    • C103 (Ethics and the Right of Way Profession) or

    • C104 (Standards of Practice for the Right of Way Professional)


Prerequisites for RWP Designation:

  • C205 (Bargaining Negotiations)

    • C203 (Alternative Dispute Resolution)

  • C215 (Right of Way Acquisition for Pipeline Projects) or

    • C218 (Right of Way Acquisition for Electrical Transmission Projects) or

    • C105 (The Uniform Act Executive Summary)

  • C400 (Principles of Real Estate Appraisal)

  • C600 (Environmental Awareness)

  • C700 (Introduction to Property Management) or

    • C501 (Residential Relocation Assistance) or

    • C502 (Non-Residential Relocation Assistance)

  • C800 (Principles of Real Estate Law)

  • C900 (Principles of Real Estate Engineering)


Prerequisites for SR/WA Designation:

  • C421 (The Valuation of Partial Acquisitions)

  • C603 (Understanding Environmental Contamination in Real Estate) or

    • C225 (Social Ecology) or

      • C219 (Introduction to Presentation, Instruction and Facilitation)

  • C604 (Environmental Due Diligence and Liability)

  • C802 (Legal Aspects of Easements)

  • C902 (Property Descriptions) or

    • C901(Engineering Plan Development and Application)


Lets Get Started

IRWA offers two career paths for Right of Way Professionals: A generalist path and a specialist path.  IRWA's premier designation, the SR/WA Senior Right of Way Professional, is the highest achievement for the right of way professional.

Click on the links below to learn more about IRWA's Professional Career Path.

IRWA Professional Career Path - Industry Path

IRWA Professional Career Path - Specialist Path

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