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The IRWA renewal period beings October 1, 2017. Invoices will be sent to all chapter members encouraging them to renew their membership for the 2018 year. Renewals are important and drive our membership, but we recognize the importance of new members to chapters.  This year, with the help of Chapter Membership Chairs, the IRWA will conduct a 2018 New Member Campaign. The campaign will run from October 1 – December 31, 2017.

Benefits of joining the IRWA during the 2018 Membership Campaign

1. Your application fee is waived ($25 value).

2. Your membership will be activated for the remainder of 2017 (giving the new member additional months of membership, plus the full 2018 year.


Ways a Chapter Leader can use this campaign to find new members:

1. Have the attached application available for all nonmembers at every IRWA chapter event.

2. Have the Course Coordinator give the application to all nonmembers who participate in a chapter course. “Does the nonmember know they could have saved money on the course if they were a member?”

3. Send the application to all current chapter member encouraging them to invite a friend to join. A list of former members can be found here.

4. Send the application to all previous chapter members with a “Come Back” message. IRWA will also send the application to all previous members as additional support.



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