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Congratulations Mike Murray,

2016 Frank C Balfour

Professional of the

Year Award Winner!

Frank C Balfour Professional of the Year Award


The Frank C. Balfour Professional of the Year Award, named after the Association's founder, honors professionals who have demonstrated exemplary support to the Association.


Nominated by IRWA's local chapters, candidates are submitted to the INEC for consideration and a maximum of six finalists are selected.


The INEC appoints the winner based on:

  • Outstanding contributions made through leadership positions in the chapter, regional and international levels

  • Fulfillment of educational courses and activities

  • Participation in Association regional and international activities

  • Achievement of IRWA professional designations


  Past Balfour Award Recipients:



YEAR    NAME                                                                                                                                                                  


2009     Donald J. Sherwood, SR/WA, MAI, FRICS

2010      Tamara G. Benson, SR/WA, R/W-RAC

2011       Jerome C. Lund, SR/WA 

2012      William Busch, SR/WA

2013      Janet Walker, SR/WA, R/W-NAC

2014      Cynde Barker, SR/WA, R/W-NAC

2015      C. Wayne Larsen, SR/WA, R/W-AC, R/W-URAC

Balfour Award Eligibility


Nominees for the Frank C. Balfour Professional of the Year Award must be active members of the International Right of Way Association. To qualify as a candidate for the award, a nominee must have made outstanding contributions to the activities of the Association. Members of the International Executive Committee, Advisory Council, International Nominations and Elections Committee, and International Headquarters Staff are not eligible.


Instructions for Completing the Nomination Form for the Frank C. Balfour Award:

  1. Chapter Presidents, Chapter Nominations & Awards Committee Chairs, or other designated or appointed Chapter representatives will complete the cover page of the Nomination Form, and ask the Nominee to review the form content for accuracy and completeness before signing.

  2. Chapter Presidents or designees on behalf of the Chapter, will prepare a general letter relative to the nomination. If the Chapter President is also the nominee, another Chapter Officer will prepare the letter.

  3. Please utilize the most recent edition of the Nomination form for the Frank C. Balfour Award available on the IRWA website under Award forms click here. Nomination submission instructions are contained within the Nomination form template.


  • The deadline for submission is on or before the first business day in February, verified by e-mail receipt, in which the Nominee is to be considered (i.e., the award is presented at the Annual International Education Seminar in June). No nomination received after the deadline shall be considered by the INEC.


  • All nominations received shall be evaluated and tabulated by each Regional Representative of the INEC. The totals are tabulated, and a maximum of six are identified as finalists, with the INEC Chair and Vice Chair doing the final tabulation at the spring INEC meeting.


  • The INEC shall report its findings, notify the finalists and announce the names of the award finalists to the International Executive Committee by the IEC's April meeting. The name of the award winner is not announced until the Annual Conference, but will be provided to the International Executive Vice President only for preparation of awards materials.


  • Finalists receive a letter of congratulations from the INEC Chair and an engraved plaque which is presented at the Annual International Education Awards Luncheon.

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