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Education Committee Survey and Proposal


  1. Items to note about the survey

    • 27 members responded

    • Course 215 was incorrectly labeled as the Right of Way Agent’s Development Program.It is now ROW Acquisition for Pipeline Projects.Highest vote getter, which one?

    • Some current courses NOT on the survey

    • Feedback provided by members was excellent

  1. Course Timing

    • Offer multi-day courses twice a year in conjunction with Chapter meeting

    • Feedback indicates the winter months are better for multi-day courses

    • Offer a one-day courses with Chapter meeting optional

  1. Supplemental offerings

    • Although education is a primary focus, does it need to be entirely from IRWA courses?

    • Not all members are pursuing a designation

    • Informal survey at Deadwood to determine topics of interest

    • Offer mini-sessions at Chapter meetings same time as scheduled course

      • Example:Course XYZ is held from 8-5.Chapter meeting begins at 5:30.Mini-session held from 3-5.

      • Course attendees would not be able to attend mini-session, but would it offer incentive for more meeting attendees?

  1. Marketing and Cooperation

    • Work more closely with the DOT.SDDOT seems very interested and willing to work with us to offer courses.It seems to be a win-win.We handle all of the course details (the instructor, materials, coordinator, food) and they provide the meeting space.They have also advertised the course to their vendors/contractors.

    • Would NDDOT be a similar avenue to pursue?

    • It was mentioned that the Appraisal course we offered in December was very well advertised to other organizations.This was entirely due to the SDDOT.

    • Develop a list of organizations and contacts to send future offerings to.

  1. Multi-day offerings – Symposiums

    • Two disciplines that had a lot of interest - Engineering and Environmental.

    • Offer a symposium that features multiple classes and perhaps other related break-out sessions

  1. Oil & Gas Courses

    • Two courses – 215 (ROW Acquisition for Pipeline Projects) and 230 (Oil & Gas Land Basics and Related Surface Issues)

    • 215 has several certified instructors.230 has one.

    • We have made multiple attempts to reach out to the 230 instructor and have received no response.This course is required for an RWP designation in Oil & Gas.

  1. Two-year plan

    • Resurvey during 3rd Quarter of 2020

    • Offer 100 and ethics every two years

    • 2019-2020 plan – see next page


1st Quarter – No courses

2nd Quarter – Course 200 – Deadwood

3rd Quarter – 500 Series (Relocation) Course(s) – Sioux Falls

                         Course 215 - Minot

4th Quarter – Environmental Series (Courses 603, 604, & 606) – North Dakota



1st Quarter – Course 230

2nd Quarter – Engineering Series (Courses 900, 901, & 902) – Deadwood

3rd Quarter – Course 403 (Easement Valuation) – Pierre

4th Quarter – Courses 802 (Legal Aspects of Easements) & 803 (Eminent Domain) – North Dakota