Conference and Coronavirus Update


Our Annual International Education Conference is scheduled in Minneapolis, Minnesota, June 21 – 24, 2020. The IRWA remains diligent in ensuring that the safety and security of our attendees, staff and operational personnel remains the top priority.


With that in mind, we are closely monitoring the continuously evolving situation, but remain committed to holding the conference. We are firmly dedicated to following the directions of public health authorities and are prepared to shift as the situation dictates.

In the unlikely event that we cancel the conference, the IRWA will provide a full refund of your registration fees. As you book your travel, please talk to your travel partners regarding their cancellation policies.


If Sponsors, Exhibitors, or any companies have concerns with sending employees, please contact us. We welcome discussion and are happy to explore all suggestions and solutions.

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If you have any questions regarding the Annual Conference, please contact Jade Meador, CMP at

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