Tuesday, May 26, 2020 at 1:05 PM IRWA Dakotas Chapter 72 Election of Officers


From: Mike Murray, Chapter 72 Nominations & Elections Chair

Good afternoon Dakotas Chapter 72 Members!


It is now that time where we need to elect the 2020 - 2022 Officers of the Chapter that will lead us into the future. Due to the current COVID-19 precautions, there will not be an in-person election meeting. Thus, we will be conducting the election by email this year.


The attached election ballot contains the nominee for each Chapter position. As you can see, we have a strong line-up of candidates. No other candidate nominations were received. Although we only had one candidate run for each position, your vote is still important as we need to receive a quorum of voters in order for this process to be valid. Please open the attached ballot, fill in your name, make your vote, and then return the ballot to me at ( Since this election is being done electronically, it is important that your name is shown on the ballot to verify your member status.


Voting will be open for 14 days, so the deadline to vote is June 9th by the end of the day.


Please take the time to complete the attached ballot and return to me.


Thanks much!


Mike Murray, SR/WA, R/W-NAC

Chapter 72 Nominations & Elections Chair

1717 East Interstate Avenue

Bismarck, ND 58503


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Dakotas Chapter 72 2020-2022 Blank Election Ballot

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